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#Rethink9to5 Reflects

March 18, 2017
Meditation by Josh Adamski

Meditation Minis

Meditation MinisWe’ve both been working on seeking more peace and balance in our lives and have both explored meditation on and off.

One of the biggest challenges can be just finding the time to meditate, another is being able to stay focused for a long period of time. Fortunately, we’ve found these Chel Hamilton meditation minis come in lovely bite-sized pieces which are more manageable for beginners. There are topics suited to whatever the challenges the day brings from anxiety to decluttering (mentally and physically) to letting go of past mistakes.

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What to Do If You’re Not as Productive as You Promised

March 13, 2017
Un-productive guy

Switching to working remotely seemed like a fantastic idea. It would be a win-win for everyone. You were so excited by how productive you were going to be without the usual office interruptions – no more pinging of everyone’s phones, no more trying to focus while people talk about the latest episode of Game of Thrones across your desk.

You’d be in control of your own destination (and thermostat – no more wearing 5 layers so you don’t freeze to death before lunchtime) and you dreamt of all the work you could get done now you really had room to spread out.

Unfortunately, reality hit and you began to realize how much time you suddenly spend: (check all that apply)

🙂  On social media
🙂  Doing laundry or dishes because you now actually have to look at all the chores you haven’t done.
🙂  Driving kids around to and from school/appointments/classes/friend’s houses
🙂  Answering questions from your kids once they get home from school
🙂  Watching Netflix

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The Weekly Unblog

March 12, 2017
Vintage clock, New Bern, North Carolina


We’ve been on a quest for the ultimate answer as to what should be capitalized in a title. There’s conflicting advice on a number of sites such as
Grammar Monster
but in the end we found this handy dandy TitleCase tool so we’re going to go with whatever they decide to capitalize to save ourselves the angst!

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The Weekly Unblog

February 24, 2017

ecosiaWe’re constantly discovering cool new stuff and want to share it with you! Here are our top three takeaways from this past week.


Last week was random acts of kindness week. To celebrate, Peta switched to using Ecosia, a (good) search engine that uses advertising revenue to plant trees around the world. There’s a phone app and browser extension.

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Having a down day? Just go with the flow…

February 23, 2017

Motivation. What is it good for? Sometimes you have lots of it and sometimes you just don’t feel like working. What do you do on the days that feel like such a struggle? I used to beat myself up for not being as productive as I “should” be if I was having a down day. Finally, after years of being hard on myself, I came to the realization that I have periods of high productivity at work and other, shorter, periods of reduced productivity. And some days, I don’t want to work at all. There’s usually a good reason for those kinds of days.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to help get me through those challenging times.

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Automate Your Life

December 10, 2016

Automate your life. You don’t have enough time. Enough time to pursue that hobby you’ve had on the back burner for a while. Enough time to get through that task list (the list that grows daily despite the items you manage to cross off.) Enough time to spend with your kids and loved ones because you’re working late to finalize that project or meet that milestone.

Automating aspects of your life can greatly improve emotional well-being and enhance personal productivity. 

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